Custom Programming
We design and write custom applications allowing your company to work in a way that fits your business better than off-the-shelf software products.

We spend the time necessary to understand your needs and ensure custom applications meet all your requirements.

We are experienced in all aspects of project management, including system requirements, project design, database layout, prototypes, coding, testing, documentation, installation and user training.


Linux Servers
Linux servers are ideal for businesses needing all the advantages of centralized file storage, shared peripherals, web and email, but do not have the time or knowledge to maintain the server themselves.

Using Microsoft® Windows® clients you can access Linux servers through Network Neighborhood, and access shared disk space and printer, with no additional client software.

Linux will run on virtually any Intel based PC (and many other architectures, as well.) We can build a server for your business, or install Linux on your PC hardware.


Linux Administration
We can support your company with many Linux administrative tasks, such as setting up Samba, DNS, Modems, UUCP, email, Web Server configuration & File and Printer Sharing.

For more information on what these terms mean, and how they can help your business, see our networking page.


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